Social Media Toolkit

We’re building a grassroots movement to support We Keep Us Safe out now! You can help by spreading the word about the book and its message — which is that we are safer together when we shift the conversation about public safety away from fear and punishment and toward growth and support systems for our families and communities.

Here are a few ways that you can help promote the book across your social media channels, along with sample posts:

1. Film a short video responding to the question, “How do ‘we keep us safe’? Offer your voice and perspective on how to create a more fair and just society that moves away from a “Framework of Fear” and towards a “Culture of Care.” Watch an example here

Sample script:
“Hi, my name is [NAME, ORG, AFFILIATION] and I believe that we keep us safe when we reject the “us vs. them” mindset and build up our capacity to relate to one another across differences.” (feel free to get creative and present your own analyses!)

2. Purchase a copy of We Keep Us Safe and share a photo of yourself holding it up and tagging @ZachWNorris @EllaBakerCenter and the hashtag #WeKeepUsSafe

3. Create a post using the below suggested copy (find a folder with images here):

“A Culture of Care shifts our focus from individual criminals and what qualifies as crimes, to what actually causes most suffering and damage.” — @ZachWNorris in #WeKeepUsSafe, the new book coming out this Feb. 4th via @BeaconPressBks. Learn more at (find graphic here)

“The real threats to our safety are not coming from ‘a few bad apples.’ The true cause of the most serious harms we face are: capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, violence + trauma.” — @ZachWNorris’s #WeKeepUsSafe, available nationwide Feb. 4th! (find graphic here)

“Bright, talented, compassionate, strategic + committed..@ZachWNorris insights + story will be an enormously important contribution in the effort to advance human rights in this country” -Bryan Stevenson, @eji_org founder & #JustMercy author #WeKeepUsSafe (find graphic here)

“#WeKeepUsSafe powerfully demonstrates that safety, freedom + justice come from relationships, resources, and real accountability—not more punishment, police + prisons.” — Michelle Alexander, @nytimes Columnist & Author of #TheNewJimCrow (find graphic here)

“@ZachWNorris’s powerful book offers an inspiring blueprint for justice beyond prisons + courts + paints a picture of a brighter future for all of us.” — @sallykohn, author of The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing Our Humanity #WeKeepUsSafe (find graphic here)

“@ZachWNorris’s words are a must-read for anyone who cares about a more just and more compassionate future.” @JenSiebelNewsom, First Partner of California, filmmaker + founder of the @TheRepProject #WeKeepUsSafe (find graphic here)


I can’t wait to read the new book #WeKeepUsSafe by author + @ellabakercenter Exec. Dir. @ZachWNorris, who presents a bold new vision for creating safer, more just + inclusive communities for ALL of US. Grab your copy when it comes out this Feb. 4th! (find graphic here)

This February 4th, get your copy of #WeKeepUsSafe — the highly-anticipated new book by @EllaBakerCenter Executive Director @ZachWNorris released via @BeaconPressBks and featuring a foreword by @VanJones68. Learn more at! (find graphic here)


#NowReading: Get your copy of #WeKeepUsSafe — the new book by @ellabakercenter Exec. Dir. @ZachWNorris that @KirkusReviews calls “An urgent call for safer, more inclusive communities for everyone.” Available for purchase now at! (find graphic here)

For more than 200 years the US justice system has thrived on fear, othering + punishment. Yet our communities are no safer or more secure. @zachwnorris’s new book #WeKeepUsSafe via @BeaconPressBks offers a bold new vision + paradigm shift. GET IT NOW: (find graphic here)

Every post should include: 

The hashtag #WeKeepUsSafe
@ZachWNorris and @EllaBakerCenter
Accompanying visuals (find image folder here)